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Pet Urine Treatment

Are you an avid pet lover who only gets frustrated with your pet cat or dog when they urinate on the carpet? Not sure on how to deal with the smell of urine in your rug? Just call our team of professionals to handle the problem and remove the dog urine from the carpet as if it was never there before!

Pet Urine Treatment- Essential For A Clean Home

If you have pets and want to keep your home safe and healthy for everyone, then it is essential that you deal with the urine stain on your carpet. While the patch may have dried up and doesn’t show up that clearly on your rug, the urine is still there. If you will leave it there, bacteria and germs will breed there and pose a health risk for all.

And don’t forget the smell which will permeate your entire house once the hot and humid days begin! If you want to make your carpet a safe place for your children to sit and play on, just make sure that it has been cleaned thoroughly by professionals.

Our team uses high-grade steam cleaning technology to draw the urine out of the carpet. In case your pet is in the habit of using the same spot multiple times, the urine tends to seep through the thickness of the carpet. We use special steam pressure technology to draw it out effectively, leaving your carpet as clean as ever!

Getting Rid Of The Smell- The Big Problem!

Once you have gotten rid of the urine problem effectively, the odour problem is also resolved. By using the steam cleaning technology and other sophisticated cleaning methods, we make sure that the urine and its odour problem are dealt with at the same time.

Be it cat urine clean up or dog urine clean up, if not handled properly, some of the urine will be left within the carpet. Dog urine on the carpet starts giving off a horrid smell in hot days if the room is not ventilated properly. To escape this problem and to save your carpet from irreparable damage, just let our team assess the extent of damage to your rugs and flooring.

We have equipment which lets us ascertain the exact urine spot and enables us to extract it easily, leaving no marks or residue behind.

What We Offer…

What we offer you is the quality assurance that we will provide you with a pet urine treatment for your carpet which will be highly effective in removing the cat urine from the carpet and taking care of any odour problems as well, once and for all!

If you want to know more details about our services for removing dog urine from the carpet, just contact our team at 1300 309 276 or email us your query at info@sydneysteamcleaning.com.au.


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