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Mattress Cleaning

Think mattress cleaning isn’t that important? More than any other surface, we come into close contact with our mattress and that is why it is essential to make sure that it is completely clean and thus safe for use. How to do that though? Fret not; just let us handle the job of mattress cleaning while you enjoy the prospect of relaxing on a clean and safe mattress.

Clean Mattresses Are Safe

Have you ever wondered why your child suffers from a number of allergies? Ever thought about why your little one has a runny nose and watery eyes even though you just had the carpet cleaned?

Dust can settle anywhere, and just as it gathers in your carpet, so can it descend on your child’s mattress. It can sink into the foam and then irritate your child when he lies down for a relaxing sleep. So, what are you prepared to do? Are you thinking about cleaning your mattress of the accumulated dust on your own? What you need is the services of experienced professionals who offer assistance for thorough mattress cleaning in Sydney.

Our team of experts will use sophisticated equipment and techniques to ensure that your mattress is cleansed of the dust mites, any bacterial or fungal growth, allergens as well as any mould spores. We make sure that you get to enjoy a relaxing sleep, which is free of any kind of health risk.

Has your mattress been a victim of the bedwetting episodes of your child? Do you know that leaving it there will not only give off a pungent smell but will also foster the growth of germs and bacteria in your mattress? Our team uses steam cleaning techniques to suck out all the liquid and clean the mattress foam of any bacteria.

When you opt for our services, you can be sure of professional assistance at its very best!

What We Offer…

If you need professional mattress cleaning services, contact us for a quote. We offer you services to:

  • Remove the urine from the mattress
  • Sanitise a cleaned mattress
  • Ensure removal of urine and any other odour in the mattress
  • Dust mite removal treatment
  • Treatment of blood and vomit stains

All in all, if your mattress is in need of a thorough cleaning job, then you know who to call! Contact us at 1300 309 276, or email us your queries at info@sydneysteamcleaning.com.au.


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