"This company is brilliant. They are fast and the carpet is so clean afterwards. The carpet cleaner that they left me for accidents is excellent as well and has saved my carpet from needing professional cleaning a few times. I would not recommend anyone else!" Jocelyn - Penrith

Enjoy A Fresh Clean Home All Year Long With Our Professional and Competitively Priced Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Not sure on how to get rid of all the dirt and dust your carpet has accumulated? Do you want to protect your family from the threat of any bacterial infections or allergies which are caused by the micro-organisms that live in your carpet? That’s where we come in!

Carpet Cleaning- A Necessity For Healthy Living

Do you know that while your carpet might seem clean, yet may still house a number of allergens and bacteria which can pose serious health risks for your family? How to ensure a safe indoor environment for your house?

What you need is the help of professionals who have the experience and the equipment to remove all possible dirt and allergens from your carpet flooring and ensure effective cleaning.

Extra Effort With Professional Help

If you want your carpet to look as good as new every time you give it a thorough clean, it is important that you understand how essential it is to use professional equipment for best results.

With your carpet enduring rough treatment throughout the year, it would take nothing short of a thorough clean from professionals to clean and remove stains like they were never there!

You need special equipment and experienced skill to restore your carpet to its former luxurious comfort and charming shape. Give us a call and we’ll do just that!

We understand what your carpet endures throughout the year and offer effective cleaning techniques to take care of all the stains and accumulated dirt to leave your flooring looking as fresh and clean as ever!

What we offer at Sydney Steam Cleaning is a complete service portfolio of carpet cleaning in Sydney, which is designed to take care of the toughest of cleaning jobs and ensure a safe and clean indoor environment.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

We offer services for carpet steam cleaning in Sydney to give your flooring the thorough clean job it deserves!

Many stains and dirt patches are not easily cleaned without the use of special equipment and cleaning techniques. That is why we offer services for professional carpet cleaning in Sydney which ensures safe flooring that has been thoroughly cleansed with steam equipment.

Carpet Water Damage Cleaning

If your carpet is in need of a cleaning job because of the recent water damage it suffered, call our team to restore the carpet to its former glory. Instead of trying and failing to remove the damage that the water has wrought on your carpet yourself, call in the professionals. Our team has considerable expertise in dealing with such cases and can the most effective cleanups.

If you need our services for water damaged carpets in Sydney, then GIVE US A CALL!

Cleaning Of Pet Urine On Carpets

Does your carpet have a pet urine stain on it? Can’t seem to eradicate the stain no matter what you try? Just call our team for their cat and dog urine cleanup services and make your carpet look completely new!

Whether you want to remove the allergens from your carpet to make it safe, wish to clean the damage to your flooring caused by water damage, or want the pet urine stains removed from the rugs, our team at Sydney Steam Cleaning will take care of the job! We also take care of all jobs related to commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney as well.


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