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Destroy LeatherWhat’s there not to like about leather? For starters, leather looks better. Every piece of leather furniture certainly looks unique and brightens up the room. Leather also feels better, mostly because it breathes and stretches without losing its original shape. Leather wears better as almost all experts believe that leather furniture pieces last four times longer than regular fabric furniture. And finally, leather cleans better. That’s because spills can be cleaned instantly with just a damp cloth and doesn’t leave a mark behind.

Leather couches, upholstery, and other pieces of furniture can make even an ordinary room look regal. But let’s face the fact here: leather is one of the most delicate materials for furniture out there. When not protected properly, it can fade, warp, crack, discolor, tear, and even mold. Yet, there are still some conditions that can significantly ‘speed up’ the process.

Keep on reading to find out what they are and how to avoid them so you could keep your leather furniture in top condition for a very long time.

1.     Exposure to a Lot of Sunlight

Sunlight is your leather furniture’s worst enemy. Sunlight actually works like bleach to leather. If the pieces of leather are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time then their original color will be seriously affected. For example, a rich burgundy can turn an ugly brown in a relatively short amount of time. Because of this, the leather furniture pieces will start to look old and weathered.

2.     Sudden and Frequent Changes in Temperature

There are some pieces of leather furniture that are often moved around. Leather couches or recliners for example, are often moved from living room to the balcony or the backyard, meaning that they have to go from hot to cold temperature and back again quiet often. This seriously affects the condition of the leather and effectively damages the piece of furniture beyond repair. To save it, you might want to keep them in one place.

3.     Letting the Stains Sit

Thinking that you can let the stain be and clean it later, might come back to haunt you. If you have kids or pets in the house then spills will most definitely occur. There is no way to effectively avoid that. But you can control how the spill will affect your leather furniture. Using a damp cloth, you can remove a stain instantly. If you let it set then the stain will become permanent and it will also start to destroy the leather from within, meaning that staining is to be avoided at all costs.

4.     Using Harsh Soaps and Detergents

What you have to understand is that there is no active way to replenish the active natural oils of the furniture, meaning that you can’t improve upon its original condition. However, you can certainly contribute to making the leather worse for the wear by using harsh soaps and detergents to clean the pieces of furniture because they make the leather dry, crack, and worse. There are cleaning solutions available in the market specially designed for leather furniture. You can opt for those the next time you feel like it’s time to clean the leather furniture.

5.     Not Seeking Professional Help in Time

There is only so much you can do to clean and protect your leather furniture. Sometimes it’s better to let the experts, like us, step in and take care of the job for you. Not seeking professional help when you think your leather furniture is withering can render it beyond repair. We offer the best leather rejuvenation and leather cleaning services in Sydney. So whenever you’re in need of some leather cleaning, don’t forget to contact us or give us a ring at 1300 309 276.



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