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Pets Likely To DoIf you have previously owned pets, you obviously know what to expect from an untrained one; but if you just bought your first adorable little pal to stay and accompany you at home, there is a lot you are in for. Keeping and maintaining a pet is never easy, and training one can be even more daunting. The time between ‘getting a pet’ and ‘training the pet’ is the most challenging. It is when you’re trying to get familiar and used to of having a menace in the house that is in dire need of some discipline. Just so it doesn’t come as a surprise to you, here is what to expect from your untrained pet.

The Chewing

Pets love to chew! Especially dogs and cats – If you don’t give them something to chew on, they will go on chewing your furniture, clothes, and even shoes.

The Claws

Cats have a distinct habit of clawing everything, and they will unless they are taught not to. Still if cats do it out of habit, if you don’t maintain your pet’s claws even dogs can end up clawing your precious belongings unintentionally.

The Shedding

Animals shed their coats rather regularly. You don’t have a choice with that, but neither do they. The fur that they shed can create havoc if you are allergic or prone to asthma or other breathing disorders. Make sure you consider that before you get a pet.

The Poop

This will be the biggest and most challenging problem that you face. New pets need to be potty trained just like toddlers. You can’t keep running after them cleaning their droppings and urine all the time. If it gets way out of hand you may even need professional carpet cleaning in Sydney.

The Spills and Stains

Unless you train them, they wouldn’t know that knocking off their milk bowl or that cake batter you just made is off limits for them. They will spill and stain everything in their reach. Unless you have too much time to take care of scrubbing floors and carpets, we suggest you train your little buddy as soon as possible.

If this much isn’t enough, there is one more thing that you would take time getting used to – the pet odor. While it is tolerable for most, it may cause irritation to you in the beginning or may be unpleasant for your guests. Luckily, all you have to do is contact us to get rid of pet odor or removing dog urine from carpets.



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