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Mattresses 2In our previous blog we provided you with five uber interesting facts about mattresses. Listed below are the remaining five facts that will, disgust you, surprise you, and maybe even caution you. So without further ado, here they are:

6- You Shed And Sweat At Night

Contrary to what you think, you too are making your mattress unhealthy. Every night while you sleep, you shed thousands of skin cells on your mattress, and you sweat too. Both these factors add up to create good proliferating ground for dust mites; get a protective mattress cover, to avoid this mess.

7- Mattresses Now Are Being Made Flame-Proof

Mattresses are prone to catch fire and after 2009 when the casualties caused by bedding related fire reached an alarming rate, most countries made it a requirement for mattresses to be made flame-proof. A number of companies have already started marketing flame proof mattresses, and since then there has been considerable decrease in the number of fires caused by bedding.

8- Mattresses Are The First Thing On A Burglar’s List

Do you too, like most other people, hide money or valuable cash equivalents beneath your mattress? Warning bells for you, burglars, and thieves make it a point to skim under the mattress as soon as the break and enter your premises. Maybe you should look for better hiding places for your cash safekeeping.

9- The Metal Springs In Your Mattress Are Not A Healthy Notion

Spring mattresses have metal springs in them which are said to act like random magnets. They form static magnetic fields, and become an active source of radiation that can prove potentially harmful to the health of an individual.

10-Popular But Least Liked

Although spring mattresses sell the most, they have the worst customer satisfaction reviews. More and more customers are switching to memory foam and latex mattresses that have a much better customer satisfaction rate compared to spring mattresses.

Although the blog was meant to be an insightful source of fun and knowledge, it is equally concerning that mattresses do pose great health risks if not maintained properly. We know it is impossible to ascertain when your mattress needs a replacement, but we can assure you that it needs regular cleaning. If you haven’t had your mattress cleaned lately, do not waste time – contact us, our commercial cleaning services in Sydney is just what you need.



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