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MattressesDon’t you just love your mattress? It is comfortable, it is cozy, and it is the one thing that puts you to sleep no matter how fatigued you are. Most people form a unique bond with their mattress – for them it is not just a load of springs and foam. But the fact is, that no matter how dear a mattress is to someone, it rarely gets much thought except when it is not functioning the way it should. While you sleep away in the comfort of your mattress, there is an entirely different world of interesting facts and secrets that you do not know about it. Do you disagree? Let’s see how many of the following facts you knew already.

1- You Are Sharing Your Bed With Eerie Critters

We didn’t warn you about it, and we no it’s gross but you are sharing your bed with countless dust mites. These microscopic creatures exist everywhere there is fabric and the existence of humans and/or animals. They feed off shed skin cells and often cause allergies and aggravate asthma.

2- Mattresses Are Recyclable

Next time you are thinking of replacing your old mattress, put it to recycling. Its material could be put to good news instead of being dumped as trash. While the foam and fabric can be made use of in padding, metal springs can be repurposed into another use.

3- It Was Ropes Before Box-springs

Before there were any box-springs or platform foundations, mattresses used to rest on a cross-weave of ropes that stretched across wooden frames. Often the ropes sagged with weight and had to be tightened to their original stretch – that is where ‘sleep tight’ originated from.

4- Guinness Identifies Mattress Dominoes As A Separate World Record Category

We assume you have all heard about dominoes; but have you heard about mattress dominoes? If not, here’s the interesting bit: Mattress dominoes is an actual world record category in the Guinness World Records. The current record was set in 2012 by Shanghai volunteers consisting of 1001 mattresses and people.

5- Messy May Be Healthier

A tidy bed makes your room look tidier as well, but is it actually healthy? A study by Kingston University has led scientists to believe otherwise. The study tells that covering the mattress with a comforter allows moisture and sweat to remain trapped in it, making it a healthy breeding ground for dust mites.

We bet you didn’t know about most of these, but this is not all; stay tuned for are next batch of interesting facts about mattresses. If the thought of a messy mattress gives you creeps, contact us for mattress cleaning in Sydney. You can also check out our range of other commercial cleaning services in Sydney.



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